A'Shawn Robinson Lions

A'Shawn Robinson Lions
Do A’Shawn Robinson Lions 2016 second round pick make you feel like he’s going to make an impact this season? Well, with the NFC North getting tougher, it may turn from a question of do you believe, to do you expect him. Some people don’t necessarily think he’s quite ready for prime time. Take look…

Will A’Shawn Robinson Step Up This Season?

For starters, the line is in shambles. Detroit was near the bottom of the league in nearly every major advanced stat — 21st in adjusted line yards, 31st in power success, 29th in stuff rate, 30th in pressure rate, per FOA. Ziggy Ansah — a Pro Bowler in 2015 — had only 2.0 sacks last season.

He’s still arguably the best pass rusher on the team, but his 64.1 run defense grade from PFF doesn’t inspire and the sack totals have to go up. Ansah starts training camp on the PUP list, but is expected to be fine for Week 1. A’Shawn Robinson is young showed promising  signs in his rookie year, but did so in a rotational role. He’s not yet good enough to be the anchor of the line yet and Detroit doesn’t have another viable candidate.

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A’Shawn Robinson, DT for the Detroit Lions

However, situations may result in him being forced to be dominant and a serious threat for offenses like Dallas…

Have The Detroit Lions Found Their New Bad Guy

Robinson could turn into our new Suh, just look at how he’s already being treated by the NFL with his tackling calls; other guys do worst and get less punishment. See for yourself…

A’Shawn Robinson Lions defensive tackle, who they picked #46 in the NFL draft in 2016. The improvement of his skillset during this training camp will show if the Lions will have to consider getting even more help for the defensive line in free agency.

Will A’shawn Robinson Lions DT be our new version of Ndamukong Suh?

We think he will, just without all of the bad part of the reputation.