How To Make Detroit Football Enjoyable Forever

Detroit Football
Detroit Football image credit:Bill Striffler CC BY-NC


I nearly could not think it when I initially heard or checked out Detroit Football I believed it needed to be some type of prank. I simply didn’t wish to think that the Lions are the only team not win a championship in the Superbowl ERA.

I think possibly I’m simply a little ignorant. Perhaps I’m not seasoned or adequate to be loyal Detroit Lions football fan. Perhaps I wish to think that my team’s leadership is good and would never do any wrong as it pertains to wanting win an Superbowl Trophy.

Yeah, I understand – simply call me Pollyanna, the one who believes that whatever the team’s leadership says and does is all sunlight and roses.

However begin, even if individuals invest a great deal of time meddling the darker side of doing everything it takes to win a championship, or even the doing it the clean above the board way, and still haven’t won the big one; they have to be upset about that. I cannot be the only one, right? I hope I’m not the one, otherwise I’m going to begin losing my faith in humankind.

In case you’re not knowledgeable about never winning it all, check it out here or  let me describe …

Here’s exactly what took place for Detroit Lions football since they joined the NFL.

I might comprehend this if they never had star players, or all time greats to play for them.

However that’s not exactly the case because they have (Barry Sanders/Calvin Johnson). And even with great players like that, the Lions only have 1 playoff win since 1991 to show for it. Which’s exactly what has me so up and arms about this entire circumstance. It simply makes me ill each time I think about how the Lions football currently have the longest playoff losing streak (9), meaning not making it past the initial game (Wild Card game).

Detroit Football At It’s Best?

The issue is, we cannot, as fans neglect the fact that Detroit Football has been a house of horrors for us and in this division. We should not neglect it. We should not let the team feel that it is acceptable. Which’s why I’m deciding to move from being just a cheering fan, but to become a “demanding fan”. Beginning today, I’m not going to let playing in Green Bay during winter months become an excuse on why the Packers beat the Lions so many consecutive times. No longer should any team but the Lions rule the NFC North; and it starts now!

Making Better Detroit Football Fans… 1 At A Time

It’s time we resist allowing the dark underbelly of SOL to be a permanent fixture in Detroit. Possibly some Lions football fans want to keep the current system going, which has turned into a guessing game of how can the lose crucial games, or winnable games. Nevertheless, if we stand together, joined, and make our collective voices loud and clear, we want dominance of this division, and excellence from a progression standpoint, then we can make a genuine distinction. We can make certain that even if the current team’s efforts fall flat they WILL know that we’re not ok with that at all, and if they as players can’t get the job done be prepared for a vocal fan base to push for him or them to move to another team! We only want winners over here, because after all it’s hard to name yourself after the king of the jungle and create that type of culture! Well we guarantee to be those types of fans in hopes that the Detroit Lions play on the football field will match our intensity!

I have actually begun the REAL LIONS FANS stand.
Who’s with me?