detroit lions draft picks for 2017
Can This Stat Determine The Detroit Lions Draft Picks For 2017
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Can this stat determine the detroit lions draft picks for 2017? The stat, depending on how you look at is an interesting one because if holds then we could possibly see a changing of the gaurd in the NFC North in the next few years. After seeing the stat, check out why we say the Lions could be the multiple division champs for years to come…

Detroit Lions Draft Picks For 2017

Detroit’s rookies played 3,237 snaps on a playoff team. The NFL average was 2,675 snaps. All and all, it was a good offseason for Quinn and Co. on the fly a year ago. The Lions need another good one this year if they’re going to get back to the …

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So, if the detroit lions draft picks for 2017 do what the 2016 detroit lions draft picks did, then you may see the division championship trophy take residency downtown at FordField for years to come. The “potential” is there for a significant improvement in total team talent, and the establishing of an organizational winning culture, because if the rookies can come in and not only get playing time but playoff experience year after year; it’s not long until the Lione become legitimate perrinneal divison championship contenders, as well as winning playoff games.

This stat will absolutely shape which players the Lions will add to the team. They need players that are ready to play, are healthy, and can a fit role that produces results on the field.

Do you think the Lions will the correct players in the 2017 draft? Let us know why or why not?

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