Why Lions Fans Need To Worry After Detroit Improving To 2-0
Why Lions Fans Need To Worry After Detroit Improving To 2-0
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If you watched the entire game versus the New York Giants, you saw a little of everything a fan wants to see from their team. They were able to run the ball, Stafford was economical with his passing attempts, plus Stafford ran the ball in timely situation, also the defense stood up repeatedly throughout the game. This was perhaps the best Matthew Stafford led Lions victory in his career. So there’s a lot to be happy about in Detroit, football wise.

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Unfortunately there’s a serious problem that Lions fans must keep after Monday Night’s victory; starting LB Jarrad Davis is in the concussion protocol after an illegal block in the back by Odell Beckham Jr.. With Davis manning the middle LB for the first two games of the season; the Lions defense appears to attack and tackle a lot faster this season.

Well, with what looks like a cheap shot by Odell Beckham Jr., Jarad Davis suffered a brain injury and his return to the field could be some time down the road of the season. The loss of this high draft talent means the Lions have to return to the personnel groups they had last season with Tahir Whitehead as the MLB.

Unfortunately last year’s defense really struggled, and indirectly it led to Matthew Stafford having to perform (8) 4th quarter comeback victories; great result, but that’s living dangerously close to the sun. It’ll ultimately get you burned.

Hopefully Jarrad Davis isn’t out an extended period of time, and hopefully the Lions depth can hold down the fort until Davis returns!

So, after seeing the play that got Jarrad Davis injured, do you think it was a dirty play that deserves for a suspension or a fine for Odell Beckham Jr.?