kerry hyder injury
Why The Kerry Hyder Injury Will Not Make Or Break The Lions Season

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No Detroit Lions fan was happy to see the Kerry Hyder Injury! What made it harder to deal with was because not only are the Lions defensive line depth a serious question before preseason game, but to lose a guy who showed so much promise on the field in a meaningless game hurts the most. After checking out the latest on his injury, see our answer to the question of will this injury make or break the season…

Kerry Hyder Injury

The club feared the worst, and now has confirmation. Undrafted out of Texas Tech in 2014, Hyder signed with the Lions in 2015 after a season on the New York Jets practice squad. Hyder also spent nearly a full season on Detroit’s scout team, before …3 Players who the Detroit Lions should consider to replace DE Kerry Hyder…

Lions breakout DE Kerry Hyder officially done for the season – All 22

The  Kerry Hyder Injury doesn’t have to be the straw that breaks the Lions back for a successful season! Even with the injury bug already plaguing the defense with Ziggy Ansah not playing and hardly practicing inorder to be ready for the start of the season, it was going to be on the shoulders of the offense to seal the deal of making the playoffs, and/or winning the division. So, although  Kerry Hyder Injury is a serious blow to the team’s chances; there’s still a glimmer of hope because of the revamped Offensive Line and the weapons surrounding Matthew Stafford!

The Lions can do it, and what better year than this one when the deck is already stacked against them with a tougher schedule of opponents, questions of health on both the D Line and O Line, as well as with some of the weapons surrounding the QB; this could a beautiful story in the making