Marvin Jones Jr Detroit
3 Reasons Marvin Jones Jr Is The Lions Secret Weapon Against Green Bay

Did you know that Marvin Jones Jr has become the secret weapon for beating the hated Packers at Lambeau. Since he’s been signed the Lions are 2-1 against the divisional; don’t believe us check it out…

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Marvin Jones Jr Is A Money Player Against Green Bay

In 3 games as a Lion against Green Bay he has 18 receptions, and 4 TDs. This is a good trend that the Lions need, because it’s not done by a “Calvin Johnson” type receiver, but just a very very quality receiver. We look forward to seeing how he does against Green Bay when they come to Detroit later this season.

Marvin Jones Jr Finally Figured Out How To Play With Matthew Stafford

Marvin Jones Jr detroit

He finally figured out how get the most out of playing with Matthew Stafford, and it bodes well for the rest of the system potentially,, because if the Lions keep the threat of the deep ball; it’ll finally open up the much needed running game with defenses playing further off the ball. Detroit really needs to get a running game to help secure victories…

Marvin Jones Jr Detroit

He and Golden Tate both went over 100 yards receiving in a game for the first time this season and the game never felt like it was in jeopardy of being a SOL type performance. If these two can keep up this pace, this season could turn out to be the Lions best season yet! If this happens the fans in Detroit won’t know what to do with themselves; because it should mean a Division Championship, playoff berth, and possibly hosting said playoff game!

P.S. We hope to see more Marvin Jones Jr plays like this for the rest of the year!

Can a focused and determined Marvin Jones Jr become a Probowl receiver for the Detroit Lions for 2017?

We think he can, what about you?