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Are you ready to anoint Matthew Stafford Best QB? Well after checking out prevented him from being an elite QB last season, see how we say he can be considered the best QB in the division, and possibly the conference…

Matthew Stafford Best QB?

If you were looking for defense, Detroit was not the place to be, Nor should you have been in the Motor City looking for a rushing attack. Everything that the Lions needed was spearheaded by Matthew Stafford. He used quick passes and quick reads. These tactics worked for Detroit to cover their defeciencies listed above. The Lions QB actually completed the most passes in 2016 of any QB that threw the ball behind the scrimmage line.

So in week 15, the Lions had a winning record (9-4), and those aspects led to that record. Also consider the number of comebacks the Stafford put together for the Lions, because their talent was lacking across the board. However, they still had a 9-4 record with a chance to win the North division. However, the season ended with 4 consecutive losses including the playoffs lost to the Seattle Seahawks.

So what changed for the Lions in 2016, compared to prior to Week 15? Matthew Stafford and crew couldn’t sustain their comeback winning ways. It was a stretch that proved to be difficult; very difficult!

However Stafford’s middle finger may have played a significant factor in those losses because it was injured in week 14. The Lions QB played through the pain and didn’t miss a game all season. This makes 6 consecutive years, from the guy considered to have an injury prone problem. He took the step of carrying the team, but the injured finger seem to put a stop to all the comeback heroics.

ut the biggest factor was that Stafford broke the middle finger on this throwing hand in Week 14 against the Bears in a win. Stafford didn’t miss a game but the injury clearly affected his play. In fact, he has started all 16 games for the Lions six years in a row, though many considered him injury prone early in his career. Stafford had put his team on his back for the entire season and just couldn’t keep up such heroics with the injured finger against great competition.

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So how the question of Matthew Stafford Best QB be answered? Heres how, and it’s similiar to MLB in principle. With baseball one traditional stat that has taken some heat is the starting pitchers win/loss record. The point is that the win  or the loss isn’t “always” truly determined by the pitcher himself; a great or routine defensive play can win or lose the game if he pitches the entire game. Also if the starting pitcher only goes 6 full innings; he is depended on the bullpen to secure his win! So, in the past the pitcher with the best record was viewed as being the reason for the record, and therefore got the praise and adolation for what in today’s metrics is viewed as a team win.

Well such measurements haven’t seemingly assessed QBs like that, although it may be on its’ way. With Matthew Stafford ability to comeback and/or keep the team in the game, he can realistically claim the crown of best QB in the North division; if not possibly better “IF” the team supports him efficiently througout the season.

Here’s a clearer picture, it’s time for the run game, defense, and special teams to make sure that the team win games early into the 4th quarter or at least execute 4 minute offense to end the game. With doing this, not only will the Matthew Stafford Best QB be answered because doing the above, will probably give the Lions a 4-2 to 6-0 record vs the North division, but it’ll probably win the division; if not get the team a playoff game at Ford Field.

We think the team can do it this season, if you believe the Matthew Stafford and the team can do it tell us how below