Matthew Stafford
Why Matthew Stafford Can Solve The Lions Rushing Woes

Let it be said, let it be known the Lions currently stand at 6-5 with their hopes of the playoffs laying in the balance, and if they want to make it this year it’s going to take heroics from Matthew Stafford. Now, many of you may think I’m speaking of being more accurate with his passes, or something related to that…well, the answer is hidden in this video. Tell us if you see it?

If Matthew Stafford wants to lead the team to the playoffs this season, he’s going to have to do something that he very seldom have done and that’s make himself a threat to opposing defenses. But not because of his arm!

What you hardly see in the video is a game changing run!

If Stafford would make the decision to tuck the ball and run for whatever yards he could get; maybe 5 times per game; THIS will put the Lions into the playoffs. The average of yards may not have to be all the great either. The fact that the defense have to account for him as a potential run threat all of a sudden puts Stafford in a better position to win the final five games because the Lions would likely have the lead and not playing from behind.

The run threat also forces defenses to have a linebacker to play closer to the line of scrimmage which opens up passing lanes for more of the underneath passing routes and slot plays.

The Lions WILL NOT make the playoffs if Stafford doesn’t do this!

If he TRULY wants to lead this year’s team to the playoffs; he MUST do it!

What are your thoughts? Are we crazy or on point?

P.S. Think of every QB that have beat the Lions this season, the QB scramble,or even the threat of it have been the X Factor that put most of them over the top; i.e. Carolina (Cam Newton), Atlanta (Matt Ryan), Vikings (Keenum)!