Matthew Stafford contract
Why The Matthew Stafford Contract Talks May Stall For The Entire Season

Is the Matthew Stafford contract really about being the highest paid player or is about the Quarterback Matthew Stafford the leader? Something is holding up the contract being signed, otherwise both sides would come to an agreement already. Who’s not sure about the other side, at this point we don’t know.

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For the Lions, it could be about leadership, and by leadership we’re looking at the quote by John C. Maxwell; “A leadership is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way!” Is Stafford the guy who knows how to win the big games, and can he show his teammates how to win those big games. If the Lions feel that they are ready to win the division, get playoff victories, and challenge for the Superbowl. This could be why the Lions haven’t put forth a contract that’ll Matthew and his agent run to the signing table.

For Matthew Stafford it could be 1 of 5 things listed by SidelineLion, but we think it’s more about this one here…

Matthew Stafford Contract

The Lions have been horrible running the football since 2009, the year Stafford came in. They have had one 1,000-yard runner in Stafford’s career, Reggie Bush in 2013.

By contrast, the world champion New England Patriots had the seventh ranked run game in the NFL in 2016. Their opponents in this past Super Bowl, the Atlanta Falcons, were ranked fifth in rushing last year.

So, while quarterbacks get much of the credit for championship runs, the team around them is usually a huge reason why they get there. The Lions ranked thirtiethof thirty-two teams in running the ball, in case you were wondering.

Tim Twentymen, a writer who works for, interviewed Jim Bob Cooter, the Lions offensive coordinator, this preseason and the Lions coach said that this was a point of emphasis for the team.

Indeed, if you want to keep Stafford happy and healthy, an improved run game will be necessary.

Jim Bob Cooter and Bob Quinn, the Lions general manager, seem to understand that keeping Stafford is the linchpin to team success. To do that, they have to show him that they are building a winner around him.

Quinn’s first draft in Detroit saw him take multiple offensive linemen, including all-rookie left tackle, Taylor Decker. Quinn signed two new linemen in the off-season to protect Stafford and upgrade that anemic run game, guard T.J. Lang and tackle Rick Wagner.

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The value of Matthew Stafford contract is projected to be for much more per year than Derek Carr’s recent $25 Million per year if he sign, especially guaranteed money, and for the next year or two he’ll be the highest paid player. After that another QB could sign a contract that tops his and the tell tell sign if Matthew Stafford is all about being the highest paid player or winning will be determined if the Lions running game improves and the contract talks or signing gets drugged out.

This will show, in our opinion, that Stafford may not be the type of leader that Maxwell describes above. Now, will his type leadership leads the team to a division championship, playoff victories, and winning the SB, time will ultimately tell, but his record up until now doesn’t suggest he will. Think about it, if it’s all about adding pieces around him, will those victories because of him or because of the “more complete team” around him?

If he can’t beat our division rivals with he has currently, and then all of a sudden beat them with more pieces then he may not be worth the contract. After adding the pieces  the team maybe good enough to have any capable NFL QB to run team, and the organization can set themselves up to be contenders for a very, very long time because the money will be spread throughout team presumably by general manager Bob Quinn.

So, in summary the running game production level this season may guide Matthew Stafford contract decision, and how he decide to go forward could determine if he’s the QB to lead us to the Superbowl, or should be allowed to enter into free agency!

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