Matthew Stafford
Why Matthew Stafford Can Solve The Lions Rushing Woes


1. He’s taking up alot of the Lions salary cap

If you want to build a balanced team, that balance also has to show up in the financial books as well. Ofcourse this doesn’t apply if the QB is making average players look good, and making good players look great.

2. He’s not the best QB in the game.

If The Lions Are Serious About The SuperBowl They Shouldn't Resign Stafford...Here's Why

The best QB is the best person who accomplishes the task at had; i.e. whoever was a better QB that day/same. Too many times against teams and games where it should count, Stafford just hasn’t produced a win against team with a winning record, or in the playoffs.

3. We haven’t seen a playoff victory

TJ Lang Lions

Speaking of playoffs, Stafford has had 3 chances and never in any game has he “willed” the team to victory!

4. He hasn’t made any player better

Matthew Stafford Best QB

They call him the “unquestioned leader” of the team, but the question who’s accomplished more? That player can tell teammates follow me because I’ve doe it before; that’s just not the case with Stafford. Golden Tate has been apart of more playoff victories than the “unquestioned leader” of the team!

5. The Lions won’t be able to add the necessary pieces fast enough

Detroit Lions

Since Stafford is here presumably for the next 5 seasons then considering his salary cap hit, how fast can the team add the pieces he’ll need to be successful because it doesn’t seem as if he’s going to make a receiver into a household name like QBs who he is paid like have; Tom Brady-Julius Eldelman, Aaron Rodgers-Jodie Nelson, etc.

So, in our assessment this is a bad deal for the Lions, for Stafford, and for us the fans because we’re stuck with him for the next 3-5 years and won’t probaly see much in the way of building the team’s depth, and weapons!