Theo Riddick Injury
This Will Make You Get Excited To See The Lions Rushing Attack After The Theo Riddick Injury

Were you sad when Ameer Abdullah got hurt last season, and then got really depressed after the Theo Riddick injury? Well what was just said will get you excited to see the full Lions rushing attack this season. Check the video below for an example

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Theo Riddick Injury

They can be a serious threat for opponents, because Riddick is “the most underrated player in the league.” said Abdullah

“He’s deadly out there,” Abdullah said. “If he’s in space, that’s a win every single time, you can count on it. And that’s a guy that I feel that he doesn’t get enough notoriety around this league. You hear guys, obviously Shady McCoy, hear guys who are really good at making people miss in space, but I think Theo Riddick is right up there if not better. Once again he’s going to prove it again this year.

“He signed an extension last year, but what he’s worth to this team is even more than that.”

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Can you imagine seeing this rushing attack for 16 games plus having an improved defense? Absolutely deadly!

Doesn’t Abdullah words get you excited to see the Lions rushing attack after the Theo Riddick injury? Can record rushing attack for the Lions all be depending on theo riddick wrist? Plus when was the last time you heard someone get double wrist surgery?